Bathroom Remodel & Upgrades

Whether you are interested in just replacing a bathroom faucet, or you need to completely remodel the entire bathroom, Hedlund Plumbing is the company for you.  We take pride in the way we regularly work with customers to help them out with a variety of bathroom or kitchen remodel projects, such as the following:

  • Updating Faucets or Toilets:  Newer fixtures are a relatively low cost way to update the overall look of the bathroom without having to remodel the entire room.
  • Showers or Tub/Shower Units:  Existing tub or shower areas can be removed and replaced with a variety of products that are designed to fit into the existing area.  When your shower or bathtub area gets to the point where minor repairs won’t cut it any longer, Hedlund Plumbing is your remodeling specialist for ideas on the solutions to these problems.
  • Installation of showers in place of older bathtubs.  This makes for much easier entry into the shower area.  These showers can also be setup with fold-down seats and grab bars.

  • Basement Bathrooms:  More and more people are finishing parts of their basements in order to gain that additional living space.  We are regularly helping customers out with their plumbing needs for added bathrooms within this new living space.
  • More Convenient Laundry Facilities:  Sometimes it doesn’t occur to customers that it is possible to have a more convenient washer/dryer area on the main floor of the house vs. the basement area.  We have installed laundry facilities on 1st floors in walk-in closet areas, bathrooms, or even temporary hook-up in the corner of bedrooms.  These areas can be crutial for the elderly or anyone that has suffered an injury that prevents them from utilizing the stairs to the basement.
  • We are fully bonded & insured for all of the work we perform.  We will also treat your home as if it is our own.  We use drop cloths to contain the mess from remodeling, and clean-up at the end of each day.  There is no way around the fact that remodeling is a messy process, but our main goal at Hedlund Plumbing is to make the project as smooth as possible for everyone involved.
  • As always, Hedlund Plumbing gives free estimates for any size project.  Our customers know the exact cost of the entire project ahead of time, as well as a detailed schedule for the various steps of the job.  Our goal is to keep an open channel of communication with every customer so that there are few if any surprises throughout the remodel process.
  • All of our bathroom remodeling work is backed by our complete 3-Year Warranty.

For more information about our remodeling services or to schedule an appointment for an estimate, please contact Tom Hedlund at this convenient link.