Greater Lansing Drain & Sewer Cleaning

We’ll open your drains without draining your wallet

Clogged drains happen. 

Even the best-built, most well-maintained homes in Lansing area will experience the occasional clogged drain.  The list of causes can range from a hairball causing a clogged bathtub, to the roots of your neighbor’s century-old oak infiltrating your sewer line.

Not to worry.  Hedlund Plumbing has the experience and the equipment to handle your drain cleaning needs as professionally and efficiently as possible. From clogged toilets to slow kitchen sinks to sewer rodding Lansing homeowners can trust, we are here to help. We don’t just do sewer and drain cleaning, we are also able to do a wide range of services.

Hedlund Plumbing provides Full-Service maintenance for the following areas:

  • Bathtubs and shower drains
  • Lavatory & kitchen sink drains
  • Water jetting for grease clogs and kitchen lines
  • Clearing toilet bowls and main bathroom drains
  • Laundry sinks and washer standpipes
  • Main sewer lines and tree root issues
  • Video inspections and location services for determining the source of the problem
  • Preventative maintenance plans available
  • …and more

Sewer Gas and Odor

If you experience sewer gas or odor in your house, you should first inspect your floor drain.  Every floor drain has a trap which holds water and prevents odors from coming back into the house.  If the water in that trap has evaporated, it could be the cause of the problem.  Make sure there is always water in the trap.

If this doesn’t help, it could be the sign of a more serious problem, such as a broken sewer pipe.  If this is the case, give us a call.  Sewer gas can be dangerous and should be addressed immediately.

We have several options for finding the source of the sewer gas in your home.

How to Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment,  give us a call at (517) 321-5955 or simply fill out the appointment form on this page.

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