Iron Filters & Combo Units

Standard Features:

Regenerates when needed, based on water usage

1″ High Flow Design

Double “Polishing” Backwash

Corrosion Resistant Components

No Fasteners, Screws, or Bolts

Single Motor Driven Piston Operated

Circuit Board is Enclosed and Seperate From Salt Tank

Premium Grade Ion Exchange Resin

Lifetime Seamless Fiberglass Wrapped Resin Tanks

Soft Water Brine Tank Refill

Matching Brine System

Safety Shut-Off

Dry Salt-Grid System

Optional Features:

Choice of Salt Tank Sizes

Choice of Pipe Connections Thermal Tank Shroud

Rain Cover for Outdoor Installation

Carbon-Chlorine Removal City Water

Centaur – Chloramine, H2S Removal

KDF 85 – Iron Bacteria, H2S Removal

KDF 55 – Chlorine, Heavy Metal Removal

Hedlund Plumbing water filter
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