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Here at Hedlund Plumbing, we value our customers and what they think about our work. We go to great lengths to ensure that every job is on time and meets or beats our customers’ expectations. Our highly skilled team is mindful of every type of hardship, or challenge plumbing issues may bring.

We also realize that choosing the right contractor to help you is one of the more challenging decisions you have to make as a homeowner. If you’ve been a homeowner for any length of time, then you have inevitably had a bad experience with a contractor or home improvement project. However, you can mitigate this issue by choosing a trusted group with proven expertise and a good track record.

Any company can make a nice-looking website and claim that they’re the best in town, but the truth lies in the customer’s experience. Hedlund has top ratings on Facebook and Google to name a couple.

We have included some of our favorites testimonials and our most recent reviews on this page for you to read. Please read through our hundreds of testimonials on the review sites mentioned above if you want to dive deeper.

Our Reviews


Here's what our most recent customers are saying about us.

See what Hedlung Plumbing clients have to say about our services below.

  • Angela O’Brien

    Tyler and his partner were very professional and pleasant to work with. We’ve always had a great experience with every technician we’ve worked with at Hedlund. My husband and I have had a new toilette and basement sink installed along with other plumbing issues to repair and have not been disappointed. Kimmy is also great, she’s the receptionist who always answers our calls and schedules the technicians to come out. We highly recommend Hedlund Plumbing.

  • Chris Buck

    The team at Hedlund were amazingly responsive and fast to schedule my appointment! When the tech came to the house to see what I wanted done, he made very logical and proactive recommendations - being sure to say "I'm not here to sell you anything, but with older houses it's cheaper to upgrade certain pipes, joints and valves to prevent a problem from happening." I agreed to pretty much everything he suggested. I understood his explanations and they all were things I would NEVER have considered. They came and did the work in one day and I'm happy with the result!

  • Julie Conroy

    I can't say enough good things about the Hedlund team. We had a major plumbing disaster (on a Sunday, how do these always happen on weekends??) George, who came out on the Sunday went above and beyond, and the team that followed him in subsequent days followed suit. For all of this the pricing was reasonable. I've used Hedlund for odds and ends for years, but after their stellar showing with these issues, they have a loyal customer for life in me.

  • Jeremy Noss

    Was very let down initially by the person who came out. I called due to a leaky faucet and a slow drain. The person who came out felt like a used car salesman who quoted me over $4000 to replace most of the pipes in my basement including the main shut offs, which are in fine condition. Very unacceptable from a business I used to trust and rely on. However, after agreeing to have a small part of the work done, the new crew that came out to replace a faucet and install a new a new sillcock was excellent. I don't know if they have a new 'sales philosophy', but the original person who quoted me made the company look bad. The guys who actually did the work were excellent. Will likely use again and rack this up to a very overly aggressive sales person.

  • Jim Dixon

    Called around and found that after calling Hedlund and speaking with Michelle on the phone, she came across as very pleasant and eager to get someone out to help. Had an outdoor spigot that froze after installing a 'teflon' Y splitter. They provided a 10% Veteran discount and Justin (tech) repaired the issue scheduled for first thing very next morning - with providing a new one after being able to pry the old 'spot welded' spigot off - all without losing the integrity of the piping coming into the home - which was my major concern trying to physically manhandle it myself with vice grips lol. Not pushy or salesy in any way to upgrade or add services unnecessarily. Fair Price & Professional - highly recommend!

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