Sediment Filters

Filter Element

The unique design of the sediment trapper™ element allows debris to settle in the bottom of the clear cover, trapping sediment away from the screen. The new 1-1/2” and 2 model elements make it easy to convert a standard spin-down filter to a Sediment Trapper™ by simply replacing the elements, which are available with either polyester or stainless steel screens to suit your needs and can be ordered in various mesh sizes.

Spin-Down™ Sediment Trapper™ Filters

  • Unique element design traps sediment in lower reservoir of clear cover
  • Clear Bowl easily removed for total cleaning (No tools required*)
  • Flow capacity for entire system
  • Sediment is visible through the clear cover indicating when the filter needs cleaning
  • No Down time
  • Ball valve allows for quick sediment removal from bottom of cover
  • Centrifuge Spin Down type sediment separation
  • Reusable polyester and stainless steel element screen available in many mesh sizes from very fine to very coarse

*using tools voids warranty

Hedlund Plumbing splitter
Hedlund Plumbing filter diagram
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